Salt Poems

1. Seesaw, seesaw, up, down, up, down

And seasalt seasalt, sprinkle on, sprinkle on

Listen to the crunching salt

Taste and stir, taste and stir and chuck it in the pot.


2.Salt is good and salt is bad

Life is sweet

Said dad

who’s glad

that salt is not so bad, bad, bad!


Put it little, said my dad

gram or two,

then we’ll be glad!




Salt comes from different places,

places like oceans, seas and mountains.

Salt we need, hate and love,

We can find it even in chocolate cake


Salt is salty,

And never gets sweeter,

Let’s eat more salty foods

Tonight we are eating pizza



I went for a swim

And I saw something

Snow great, snowy mountain ranges

Snowy salt mountains

I went there

Just to sail

And what did I see?

A large machine…

Salt machine


Salt is tasty, salt is good

Ask me hug and have some food

Love the salt and love me too

I really hope that this is truth

grafik · realisierung · hosting – Volker Siebert, Berlin 2013 – mediafactum.