SALT of the Earth

Romanian report 

Şcoala Gimnazială Porumbeşti - Work to December 2013

Key points

  • report meeting with pupils, teachers and parents about the activities from the first year of the programmee
  • cultural exploration of the subject of salt in the area of turism: study visit to romania´s salt district; meeting and discussion about the inportance of salt for romanian tourism / health tourism; field report about the trip
  • collecting legends and tales regarding to the subject of salt in the literature
  • economical education: meeting with the subject "how is salt traded in Romanis and who profits from salt"; comparison with the situation in the partner countries
  • preparing the parcel with salt related items: discussion about the received items and decision with pupils about the items to add
  • workshop for creating the romanian part/chapter of the Quest story with Khudela
  • financial education: preparing for the christmas market in Berlin; brainstorming about the possible items to sell; comparing prices in Leu (local currency) and Euros; changing rate;
  • designing and creating the bead christmas trees with salt ornaments for the christmas market and preparing the related "how to" cards
  • starting a photo competition: "Is salt a good subject for photography" 

grafik · realisierung · hosting – Volker Siebert, Berlin 2013 – mediafactum.