The Salt Princess

EstonianGermanA Play, Written by Kristi Jaanus

  • SK – The Smartest King
  • A Fool – The Storyteller
  • Ad – The Advisor
  • Q – The Queen
  • G Pr – The Gold Princess
  • D Pr – The Diamond Princess
  • S Pr – The Salt Princess
  • MF Prince – The most famous Prince
  • R Prince – The richest Prince
  • Un Prince – Unusual Prince
  • Co - The Cook
  • Doc - The Doctor
  • The Royal Keeper
  • The Servants
  • Ladies-in-waiting
  • The Guards
  • The actors of a Royal Theatre
  • Seamen
  • The Herring

Part 1

Picture 1: Throne Room

The Fool: Far, Far away, beyond all sorts of countries and seas, beyond (counts along his fingers) 7 countries and (counts along his fingers) 6 seas, there lived a king; the most honest, the most determined and the most proudest kings of all.

(The King walks onto the stage and sits on the throne)

He married a woman; the smartest, the most beautiful and the most patient of all.

(The Queen walks onto the stage, stands next to the King).

(counts along his fingers) 1, 2, 3 daughters were born to the Queen and King. The first one was the smartest, most determined one. (Diamond Princess walks onto the stage and stands next the Queen). The second daughter was the proudest and most beautiful. (The Gold Princess stands next to her sister). The third daughter was the most honest and patient. (Salt Princess comes along). They lived happily in their kingdom and there were no worries or concerns to overshadow their lives. The King and Queen loved their daughters and the daughters loved their parents. Whether it was the patience or the straightforwardness of the younger daughter, but the King had a special place in his heart for her and he was very proud of her.  Once the time was right, the future husbands needed to be chosen and the King hoped that the choice of the youngest one will particularly be to his liking.  There were many neighbouring kingdoms and the daughters also had several years to make up their minds. Regardless of all the King advised his children.

The King: My dear children, you are adults now. We will celebrate and have parties throughout the year, inviting the richest and most successful neighbours of all, but in a year time, on my birthday, you must choose your companion for life.

The one, making the best decision, will inherit the throne and all the wealth of the kingdom.

The Fool: And the one, making a bad choice, shall receive a loyal punishment by standing in the corner.

(Different dances, for examples Kadrill, Kaera-jaan, Makarena or newer ones such as Gangnam Style :) Everyone will walk off the stage. The Fool will creep onto the stage, skipping in Gangnamstyle.

The Fool: The year has flown by like... (staring at a clock or watch) in 10 minutes and 25 seconds. The princesses were looking beautiful and there were plenty suitors.

It was not easy to make up one's mind. The eldest, who was the smartest and the most determined of the princesses, decided to pick the Richest Prince, who lived in a kingdom, famous for its diamond mines. (The eldest Princess walks onto the stage together with the Rich Prince. (golden watches and necklaces worn by both, different brands of clothes, a song ”Miljuneer”(A Millionaire) as a background music).

(The Fool is mocking them of the way they walk their noses in the air)

The Fool: The sister up next has made an excellent choice, deciding to marry the Most Famous Prince, who lives in a kingdom, known by its rich gold mines. ( A red carpet is rolled out. Papparazzis and fans coming along, making lots of noise.

The Guards - Security men are holding the crowd back. Music: Justin Bieber or Võitmatu (The Unbeatable). The second Princess and the most Famous Prince walk onto the stage. The Princess smiling and the Prince wearing fancy sunglasses, waving, air kissing, shaking hands, smiling)

(The Fool is mocking them, waving, making fun of their poses. Realising that the pair is furious, the Fool stops for a second, but then continues. While The Fool speaks, all the others stand still. No one moves.)

The Fool: The youngest sister was not after the wealth or fame. The youngest one followed her heart, picking the most Unusual Prince of all. You wonder in what way he was unusual? Because he did not look like a prince. He was rather simple; hard-working, loving and honest. The only wealth he had, were the salt mines, where different salt crystals were produced.

(The Prince and the Princess walk quietly on to the stage and stand next to the others. Background music „Seal kaugel on üks imeline aas“).

The Fool: It's time for the King's birthday celebrations!

(Birthday Song)

(The King and the Queen arrive)

The Queen ceremoniously: My dear guests! My dear daughters! I can see, you have found yourselves wonderful partners. In order to express your gratitude and love towards the kingdom and your father, please allow us to become acquainted with the future husbands of yours.

The eldest daughter: Dear father, best wishes to you on your birthday and lots of love. You are undoubtedly the dearest to me in the whole world. This is a birthday present from myself and my future husband Frank. It is the latest model of Ferrari, decorated with real diamonds. It is definitely a dream of any king. (Handing over the car keys)

(A rhyme, song or a dance about a car). Clapping the hands

The second daughter: My dear father! I wish you the best on your birthday. You are the dearest to me in the whole world. I and Justin would like to give you the whole world. There is a whole world in this box and even more.(Handing over touch screen phone)

(A rhyme, a song, a dance about a computer). Clapping the hands

The King: Thank you, my daughters. Your affection is appreciated and the presents are to my liking.

What about you, my youngest child? What is it that you delight your old father with?

The youngest daughter: My dear father! I have to say that you are no longer the dearest of people in this world, as half of my heart now belongs to the person I am betrothed to. Our present is an expression of how much we both love you. Please, listen to the song that tells you about the gift.

(Song and dance: Kui heeringas oli kuival maal (The time when the herring lived on a dry land). A bag of salt is brought along and placed in front of the King.

The Minister stands up and screams: SALT! You silly, you are giving the King a bag of salt! Is this how much you care about your King, ...your own father.

The youngest daughter: But, father...

The King: How can a smart child like you make such a bad decision. SALT! I have never been insulted in this way. You are not my daughter any more! Please, leave the kingdom! Both of you...

The Queen: Please do not rush to make a decision, my Lord. No decision should be made in a state of being upset and angry. A wise man considers carefully.

The King: You are right.. All my daughters may get married. Whether the choices they have made are right will be decided upon in a year time. However, the King has every right to be mad! Salt is from now on forbidden in this kingdom! Please, gather together all the salt in this kingdom and send it to the kingdom of the youngest daughter and her husband. Salt is from now on forbidden!!!

Part 2

Picture 2: The Castle Garden.

The Fool is sitting on the stage, eating a sandwich. (Singing on its own (Yes, the world is sad without salt). The youngest daughter and her husband are creeping onto the stage. Quiet talking. The Princess is asking the Fool about her parents. The Fool says very little, being slightly ironic. A bag of salt is given to the Fool to keep quiet.

The King steps onto the stage.

The King-is-happy song and dance.

The King is grumpy and ill. Food, drink, bath, fun rides, touch phone is offered to cheer the King up. Nothing seems to please The King. The Fool suggests to have the food flavoured with diamonds or gold. Why are mushrooms and pickled gherkins sweet?

The Ministers are moaning(chanting). The food goes off. The cattle are sick. The people are unhappy. The price of electricity has risen.

At the proposal of the Fool, the Wise Woman is called on, believed to have helped the King once before. The younger daughter arrives, disguised as the Wise Woman. The King begins to complain about the difficulties in his life. The Wise Woman is listening.

The eldest daughter arrives, complains about her life, the way the Prince is always abroad, has no time for her and only sends money.

The Queen manages to recognise her daughter, as the Fool pulls the daughter's hoot off. The Queen is keeping quiet at the request of her daughter.

The second daughter arrives, complaining about her husband, the way he is more famous; also vain, nicking her cosmetics and jewellery. She tells her, how he keeps bossing her around.

The King is asking for a remedy to cure the blues(the low spirits). The Wise woman sprinkles salt on to the food. Thanks to the salt the King recognises his daughter. The King admits to his mistake. The daughter tells the parents, how she had missed them and admits that she was the Wise Woman who had been visiting them all this time.

The King declares that the best decision was made by the younger daughter.

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