The Donkey and the Salt (gr)

(An Aesop's fable)

tl_files/comenius/salt/gr/20140503/image001.jpgOnce upon a time, there was a villager who had a donkey in order to use it for his job. The villager loved and looked after his donkey as the animal was very useful to him; he often forgave its stubborness.

One day, the villager loaded the donkey up with baskets full of salt and set off for the nearby village, where he could sell it. Nevertheless, they had to cross a river before going to the village. As they were coming across the river, the donkey failed its step and fell in the water. Unfortunately, the salt melt as it fell in the water too. However, the donkey got up lighter as it had nothing to carry. The villager was very sad with his loss, but the donkey was really pleased.

A few days later, the villager reloaded the donkey up with baskets. This time, the baskets were full of sponges. The donkey thought he could get rid of his load again; so, as they were coming across the river, it pretended that it slipped and sank into the water. Unfortunately, as the sponges soaked up water and were, really, very heavy, the donkey was drowned!!

grafik · realisierung · hosting – Volker Siebert, Berlin 2013 – mediafactum.