Welcome to Our Comenius Project

Comenius: Europe in the classroom
is part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

Our Comenius Group
consists of 11 schools in different countries
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Our Project
"Salt of the Earth": we aim to study, work and co-operate together to examine the whole subject of salt in our lives, countries, economies and history.
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Our Comenius Song

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wood chest for salt
Wooden Chest of Salt

The Quest of the Salt Crystal
A European eBook Collaboration

Web Version:


Our main result, the interactive eBook Story "The Quest of the Saltcrystal" is coming soon as link to a website.

In the meantime - those who want to read this fantastic and exciting book, written and produced by 11 European schools under the guidance of KHUDELA

You can download it here:

Download PDF File (616,94 MB)

Please have a bit of patience while downloading the file - it is rather big.



Unser interaktives eBook "Die Suche nach dem Salzkristall" wird demnächst auf einer eigenen Webseite veröffentlicht werden.

Wer dieses fantastische und spannende Buch gleich lesen will, kann  es hier herunterladen:

PDF Datei herunterladen (616,94 MB)

Bitte haben Sie etwas Geduld beim Herunterladen - es ist eine große Datei.

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