Minutes (it)

Thursday 13th May 2013 (minutes 1)
Project Progress from each country

Read the minutes and outlines of our meeting  in Cantú - we were very busy and successful! It is just a great group of teachers from all over Europe! 

  • Information about Europe and our partners
  • Evaluation – what do we know about salt?
  • Postcards and letter communication
  • Scrapbooks for each child to gather project work together
  • Wall displays to communicate the country information
  • Parent / Pupil / Staff presentations to involve and inform everyone
  • Experiments from Austria – ongoing
  • The Quest (Khudela) – stories / workshops
  • German teacher (Gerda Hass) to Scotland to do German language work with pupils
  • Pupils visit to Berlin  (May 13)
  • Writing / performing – drama (Salt by Author Ranson)
  • Salt information – research – where is it from and how much does it cost
  • Shared work across the whole school community to involve everyone
  • Younger pupils learning the alphabet using SALT initials / salt sounds
  • Salt mine research
  • Salt legends / stories with myths about salt
  • Christmas – salt dough / Christmas cards on the project
  • Photostory about work
  • Food with salt experiments / food without salt, etc
  • SALT stories / Salt colours (Chalk)
  • Decorated Art Works
  • Salt Poems and acrostics in English and Italian
  • Workshop presentations
  • Ancient Roman Views of the Salt and history of salt
  • Salt experiments (Austrian Materials)
  • European map work – salt and Europe / our partner countries
  • Displays / exhibitions and communication to involve the community
  • ‘The Quest’ Kudela
  • Comenius corner – exhibition of different salts
  • Salt experiments (Water / Salt solutions)
  • Poems in English language
  • The Salt princess - a Play – translated into English & German language
  • Research about mineral Water and visit to a Mineral water production
  • Visit to Berlin in April 13 - Estonian children visiting Berlin in April including a visit to the SaltMuseum in Halle.
  • Salt - Pictures made in all classes
  • Europe Plan
  • Competition for naming the salt man and woman (whole school item)
  • Filling the Saltman-parcel and sending it to Austria
  • Salt experiments made and distributed to all partners
  • Project scrapbooks for each child
  • Salt dough models
  • Salt mine research
  • Salt mines in Austria
  • Drama / SALT stories / fairystories / myths
  • ‘The Quest’ Kudela
  • Visit of teachers to Greece
  • Comenius corner in the hall to promote the work
  • Filling the Saltman- parcel and sending it to Belarus
  • Salt Science experiments
  • Salt paths / routes in Poland
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using salt
  • The origin of salt – the project
  • Kinds of Salt
  • Making Comics about salt in our Polish Language
  • Watching “The Salt of the Earth” (Film about Wieliczkia)
  • Powerpoint presentations about each of the project countries
  • Proverbs about salt in Polish
  • Salt Mine Models
  • Visits to salt mines in Poland & Wieliczka salt mine
  • KLODAWA Drama – A Film was Made
  • The Quest Visit (Ken and Nadine)
  • Younger children playing with Salt
  • SALTMAN design
  • Experiments and Project Books
  • Presentations about each country
  • Question / Quiz about the project countries
  • Artworks (drawing Wieliczka salt mine)
  • Filling the Saltman-parcel and sending it to Estonia
  • What is salt (sol)? Creating deep thinking  questions
  • Displays to involve the whole school community
  • Project information cards
  • Pupils now have good knowledge of the countries
  • Encouraging collaboration across Europe through awareness of other countries
  • Quiz to inform / test everyone
  • Salt mines in our area (put onto a map – look for other mines in Europe)
  • Open house event to communicate project aims and topic communication
  • Flour and salt models – Easter Eggs
  • Salt experiments – various ideas (do eggs float / float on salt water)
  • Making the work fun – project mascot with salt shakers – the whole school prepared mascots with different designs (Competition /design work)
  • Project country presentations for the children's knowledge – connecting with our partner countries
  • Information / debate and discussion about the countries / topic
  • Postcards
  • Whole project presentation in the school
  • Salt and history (information exercise with presentations)
  • Salt – White Gold
  • Ideas about salt – salt and health questions – is salt good or not?
  • Salt and science  (Austrian pack)  The children were very excited about the salt experiments
  • Salt research across Europe – thank you to everyone who sent us information it was very useful to help us to gather ideas
  • A3 pictures – each country / flags / costume / displays around the school
  • Salt recipes – search for information
  • Salt presentations from the older pupils
  • Experiments (liked and repeated) Pupils learning to work independently with a high level of motivation
  • Quiz about salt / knowledge / also about the countries – cities / flags / map work / search for the ten countries
  • Salt dough models / made / baked and decorated
  • Sentences about salt / puzzles
  • Countries shape work – shape / colour / flags / puzzle
  • Salt properties / sweet / sour / experiments with displays around the school
  • Collection of information around the school in various forms to look at and discuss
  • Good examples of language and presentation skills
  • Visit with pupils to Berlin (Speaking other languages – an awareness of the need to learn other languages in Europe)
  • Celebration of Salt across the school community
  • Fun sports with a salt theme / games made into plans and put on the internet
  • Salt paintings using salt – 3D pictures / blue for water / waterfalls / blue & green
  • Salt questions to involve pupil research on the subject, also games to inform
  • Good games plan for June celebration
  • New ideas for salt experiments – with linking questions to knowledge (also fun)
  • Map of Salt routes puzzles distributed to the whole group
  • Teacher Presentations
  • March – students made the experiments from Austria & from Ulla (Berlin)
  • Letters to be distributed
  • Pupils made a song
  • Salt map about Turkey (where are the salt mines) – puzzle
  • A book for each country about the school / salt work / school news
  • Comenius corner – displays in the school
  • Photos from the school and the Comenius visit

Started with communications from postcards and information about the countries

Work across the school although some of the work had to be done after school because it is out of the curriculum

Made photostories, presentations

Expressions with salt

Country information on  the wall with presentations / salt information

Salt leaflet – for information

Salt poster to each country with leaflet information about salt

Visit from the Austrian teachers

A good opportunity for Salt presentations – celebrations of salt work

Salt language work (in English Language)

The Mediterranean diet and the use of salt

Government salt ideas and information (an official)

Learning English using salt language and talks

Collaboration with music teacher / salt music / salt and the sea, presentation in the school festival

Khudela – The Quest – good for the children

Presentations and information on the internet so that things can be shared

Project ideas pack shared with the schools

Experiments – work on Salinas (SaltLakes)


‘The Quest’ Kudela:  started in 3 days of work

Written a play about salt in medieval times

The play may be performed and produced at Reetz in August 13

May be used for background for Ebook

Visited Halle and Lüneburg - The places of the salt in medieval times

Experiments from Austria in Out of School Care

Whole day about salt planned for the school and all classes will participate

Presentations planned to bring together all of the work

The Saltman parcel has been pulled together and sent around the group

The idea remains that everyone will add to the parcel - follow the path on the website

The exhibition in Poland will be used to stage all of the materials from the Saltman Parcel

Visit to Estonia with 8 children and 2 teachers (May 13)

Reception of groups from Scotland, Romania and Estonia - mostly in host families

Group / Project co-ordination


Made a Storyline to learn German on the topic,

idea: Unser Salzmuseum

made a ppt about the lessons

made salt things and presented it in a ppt (website)

Filling the Saltman -parcel and sending it to Romania

Project work across the group

  • Project has been a very good vehicle for finding out about other countries across Europe
  • High level of work relating to perceptions of salt in all countries
  • Experiments made by Austria very well used by everyone
  • High level of group motivation (lots of visits and communication)
  • Website gathering pace with everyone starting to add items
  • ‘The Quest’ visits by Khudela – good progress and reports for all of the countries who have made their chapter
  • Good evidence of SALT of the Earth in each school

Promoting Our Project Work in our School Communities (Ideas)

  • Displays / project corners (Everyone)
  • Parents meeting briefings (Italy)
  • Publishing in the local newsletters
  • Letter to parents (Greece)
  • Newsletters to the whole school community (Scotland)
  • Presentation at Parent evening (Austria)
  • Website details to parents
  • Competition for the salt mascot whole school community (Spain)
  • Special ‘start-up’ presentations for staff / pupils / parents (Scotland)
  • Greece published information about salt and this was published as a leaflet to hand around and also published on the internet
  • Open day -  PC presentations and website information about the project (Italy)
  • Meeting with parents where each teacher presented (Romania)
  • Meeting with teachers from the regional area – presentation project work / ideas (Romania)
  • Head Teacher promoted work at a Head teacher Regional meeting (Romania)
  • Connecting the school website with the Comenius-umbrella page ( Germany) 

Collegiate and pupil visits which have taken place this year

April  2013  Estonia to Berlin (5 students 2 teachers)
May  2013 Berlin visited Estonia (8 students 2 teachers)
April  2013 Berlin to Turkey (2 staff)
April  2013 Romania to Berlin (2 teachers 4 students)
Mar 2013 Austria to Greece (2 teachers)
Febr 2013 Gerda (Berlin) to Scotland to do German (1 teacher)
May  2013 Scotland to Berlin (4 staff 6 children)

Future new idea for the whole group

  • We must change to powerpoint or items which can be linked to Youtube because the photostories are using all of the web space.
  • All make and design mascots to take to Poland (3D or 2D)
  • Make leaflets to distribute about salt and good health (Like Greece)
  • Make an art gallery of our paintings (on website)
  • Eco system and the sea / ocean world (idea from Zoe / undersea world frieze


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